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Space saving even up to 80%

Automated shelving using ceiling height of rooms and measurement of height goods, take up considerably less space than traditional solutions.

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Fast picking up to 1000 operations / h

Storage rotating shelving Rotomat HSP (High Speed ​​Picking) enables very efficient and flawless picking of goods.

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How will you use the surface saved owing to automated shelving?

Multiple uses

automated shelving has a very wide range of applications, including in production, in UR departments, tool rooms, distribution, quality departments etc.

ISL - Supplier of modern automatic warehouse racks

Our solutions

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of automated shelving


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Find how automatic shelves save space and time, and how they control the access to the stored goods.


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Our Customers

Storage of goods of various sizes in the vertical storage system Lean-Lift

Lean-Lift allows very dense storage of heavy goods of various sizes. Works with storage conveyors.

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Sheet metal storage

Safe and ergonomic storage of metal sheets, long goods (profiles, long bars, pipes) in LogiTower.

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TGW systems

mini-load stacker cranes for containers, cartons, boxes


Tools storage

The tool magazine is one of the most popular applications of Lean-Lift.

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How does Rotomat work?

Rotomat is a highly efficient way to store small items in boxes, saving up to 80% of storage space.

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