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E: serwis@isl.pl
T: +48 884 75 75 75

E: serwis@isl.pl
T: +48 884 75 75 75

E: serwis@isl.pl
T: +48 884 75 75 75

E: serwis@isl.pl
T: +48 884 75 75 75

E: serwis@isl.pl
T: +48 884 75 75 75

E: serwis@isl.pl
T: +48 884 75 75 75

Technical support

The expert technical support and reliable Customer service is guaranteed throughout Poland. We present the most important features of our service below.

Technical training

oprogramowanie regałów automatycznych smallTraining on the functionalities of the Hänel MP12N-S, MP100 D control system

Optimize the logistic processes and improve the system performance.
During the course you will learn how to fully use the integrated warehouse management system, and what useful functions the MP series software has.

High level of service

Kariera - Konstruktor MaszynWe are glad to share the opinions on the work of our service technicians with you.

Rental service manager, industry: aviation industry:
“I would like to send you my gratitude – a commendation letter concerning the very good service support. The service technicians have an extensive knowledge, they support us at a very high level in every respect: by a good communication, observance of OHS rules, advice concerning the use of the storage space of the shelving units and management. We are interested in further cooperation at this high level.”

Logistics Director, industry: packaging decoration:
“I’d like to thank you very much for the involvement of your service that was dealing with the assembly of the shelving units and the training of the future operators. The assembly team deserves special praise. They were modest, reliable, perfectly prepared. I believe that our further cooperation will be carried out at an equally high level.”

Value Stream Leader, industry: production of lighting:
“I would like to sincerely thank you for the efficient and professional installation of the shelving unit in our company. My thanks to the crew for professional training and the openness to questions and willingness to cooperate.”

Changes in the location/modifications

Our storage solutions are very flexible systems with the possibility of “step by step” expansion. Lean-Lift, Rotomat or LogiTower automated shelving offer unlimited modifications options. They can be treated as independent systems, but you can easily increase their capacity, e.g. by adding further modules together. These can be installed next to each other, and even pass through multiple floors of the building, while having a number of access windows (one above the other) at the same time. This solution ensures maximum use of available storage space, while taking small storage space. Height modifications can be also made after installation of the devices. There is also the possibility of moving shelving units to another location than selected initially. If need be, please contact your representative or service department.

Our Customers


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„Administratorem danych osobowych, czyli podmiotem decydującym o celach i sposobach przetwarzania danych osobowych, jest ISL Innowacyjne Systemy Logistyczne Sp. z o.o. z siedzibą przy ul. Skrajnej 3b, 31-331 Kraków. Informujemy, że podanie danych osobowych zawartych w formularzu jest dobrowolne oraz że przysługują Państwu prawa dostępu do danych osobowych, ich zmiany (w tym aktualizacji), a także pozostałe prawa opisane w Polityce prywatności. Dane osobowe podane przez Państwa będą przetwarzane przez nas w zgodzie z przepisami prawa, w celu realizacji usługi dostarczania newslettera i kontaktu handlowego, a jeśli udzielili Państwo określonych zgód – również na podstawie tych zgód i w celach w ich treści określonych. Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z pozostałymi informacjami dostępnymi w Regulaminie i Polityce prywatności. W razie jakichkolwiek pytań jesteśmy do Państwa dyspozycji pod adresem: info@isl.pl."

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